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Taking Big Oil to Court: Lessons of the Shell Case for Climate Litigation Against Corporations

September 29, 2021

This webinar explored the legal implications of the historic Milieudefensie v. Royal Dutch Shell case, wherein a Dutch court found that Shell has a duty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
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Big Coal Feels the Heat: The Sharma Case and the Role of Litigation in Keeping Coal in the Ground

October 28, 2021

According to an Australian court, the government has a duty to take reasonable care not to harm children and young people in approving fossil fuel projects. The implications of this case – Sharma v. Minister for the Environment were examined in this webinar.
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The Climate Cost of Big Ag and Big Food: The Connection Between Animal Agriculture, Animal Abuse, and Climate Change

November 18, 2021

Though fossil fuels have rightfully been the target of sustained climate legal action, not enough attention has been paid to another major driver of climate change: animal agriculture. This webinar explores the overlap between animal agriculture and climate change and its implications for cases.
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Putting an End to New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure: Confronting EACOP, the World’s Largest Heated Crude Oil Pipeline

December 2, 2021

EACOP, if built, would be the world’s largest heated crude oil pipeline. Given the climate, human rights, and environmental harms that the pipeline would generate, litigators brought a case challenging it to the East African Court. This webinar examined the scientific and legal aspects of the case.
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Youth Climate Anxiety: Implications for Litigation

January 27, 2022

This webinar explored the psychological impacts of climate change, particularly on youth, and what these impacts mean for climate litigation and human rights law, including legal avenues that may be open to climate litigators as a result of new research on climate anxiety.
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Litigating Future Fossil Fuels: How a South African Case Prevented Fossil Fuel Exploration

March 3, 2022

This webinar explores the Sustaining the Wild Coast v. Shell case, which succeeded in temporarily blocking Shell from conducting seismic surveys off the South African Wild Coast.
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