The Climate Litigation Accelerator (CLX) – based at the Center for Human Rights and Global Justice (CHRGJ) at NYU Law – is a global collaborative hub for research, advocacy, and strategic litigation on the climate emergency.

Working with scholars, activists, and litigants from around the world, CLX initiates and supports efforts that build the speed and scale necessary to spur action on the climate emergency within the limited timeframe left to avoid triggering extreme scenarios of global warming. CLX helps fill gaps in existing practice, connects litigants and experts in different fields (from climate science to strategic communications to ecology to climate economics), and spearheads and supports climate lawsuits and other forms of advocacy.

CLX carries out its objectives by:


the key concepts, doctrines, and norms of the climate change and human rights field, identifying emerging trends and promising strategies, and analyzing the state of the field.


the actions, concepts, tools, and narratives that have the power to drive climate action forward.


the practitioners, litigators, advocates, decisionmakers, policy influencers and thinkers, scientists, and cultural leaders that comprise the climate change and human rights field.

As part of its role connecting the field, CLX convenes the global Community of Practice.

This Community of Practice is made up of organizations and individuals involved in climate litigation, advocacy, science, and other forms of climate and human rights practice. By convening this community of practice, CLX aims to increase the field’s efficacy by reducing duplication and fostering collaborations and cross-learning among researchers and practitioners. To that end, CLX hosts regular community of practice webinars, which provide a space for interdisciplinary dialogue and learning, case development, and catalyzing partnerships on legal actions.