The Climate Cost of Big Ag and Big Food
Historically, climate change has primarily been framed as a problem driven by fossil fuels. While that is true, this framing misses the substantial role that food and agriculture play in fueling the climate emergency, in particular the production and consumption of animal products. This webinar addresses this gap by examining the interplay between animal agriculture and climate change, underscoring the need to address industrial animal agriculture both because of the egregious ethical violations against animals as well as the climate implications of this industry.
Litigating Future Fossil Fuels: How a South African Case Prevented Fossil Fuel Exploration
The scientific consensus is clear: in order to avoid warming above 1.5 degrees Celsius, most remaining fossil fuels must stay in the ground. Fossil fuel corporations, however, continue to exploit untapped reserves. So how can litigators preempt corporate attempts to develop more fossil fuel resources than the global climate system can safely sustain? The recent case against Shell in South Africa offers some answers. In late 2021, litigators succeeded in halting Shell’s plans to conduct seismic surveys off of South Africa’s Wild Coast — a vital and sensitive marine ecosystem. This webinar features conversations with the lawyers and activists involved in this case and sheds light on how litigators and advocates can use the tools at their disposal to challenge fossil fuel corporations before they succeed in developing new fossil fuel resources.
The Climate Emergency Before the UN Human Rights Committee: Torres Strait Islanders Petition
In a groundbreaking decision, the UN Human Rights Committee found that Australia’s failure to adequately protect Indigenous Torres Islanders against adverse impacts of climate change violated their rights to enjoy their culture and be free from arbitrary interferences with their private life, family and home.  Listen to our conversation about the implications of this landmark case for climate law and human rights from the perspective of a Committee member. 
Youth in Focus: Youth Activism’s Role in Pushing Climate Action Forward
Though gridlock has defined much of the politics and governance of climate change, over the past several years, the global youth climate movement has emerged as a force for ramping up the speed and urgency of climate action and law. This nascent yet ambitious movement has been able to clarify the moral urgency of swift climate action like never before. And they have pushed the boundaries of political and legal discourse and action on climate change and have leveraged their activism to pressure governments and corporations on their climate records. This webinar focuses on the key role of youth climate activism in efforts — including litigation — to tackle climate change, and it features three youth climate leaders: Xiye Bastida, Disha Ravi, and Ayisha Siddiqa. During the webinar, they share their insights and perspectives on the youth climate movement, intergenerational collaboration, and what is needed to secure urgent and ambitious climate action.
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